Municipal Code

About the Municipal Code

The Pismo Beach Municipal Code comprises the local regulations of the City of Pismo Beach. As each new regular ordinance is adopted by the City Council, its contents are codified and integrated into the overall Code. 

Please note that occasional Urgency Ordinances, because they are not codified, do not appear in the Municipal Code even while they are in effect. Such Ordinances are available in the folder of all adopted ordinances.

Regular ordinances become effective 30 days from the date of their adoption by City Council, unless otherwise specified in the Ordinance. Urgency Ordinances become effective immediately upon adoption. The City utilizes third-party professional codifiers to help assure the accuracy of ordinance codification; as such, updates take time to process and occasionally, an ordinance may be in effect before it is codified. All adopted ordinances, including those not yet codified, are available in the folder of all adopted ordinances.

The City Clerk's Office maintains the official copy of the City Code. Please contact the Clerk's Office at 805-773-4657 with questions about Code maintenance and ordinance adoption/effective dates. For questions about interpreting or enforcing, or suspected violations of, the Code, please contact the Department or Division with jurisdiction over the particular matter. 
Municipal Code