Advisory Bodies

  1. Conference & Visitors Bureau Board

    The Conference and Visitors Bureau (CVB) administers the city’s efforts to promote tourism to Pismo Beach, thereby enhancing the City’s General Fund revenue through Transient Occupancy Tax receipts and, to a lesser but significant extent, through Sales Tax receipts.

  2. Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission is an advisory board responsible for reviewing site plans, making amendments to the Development Code and General Plan, establishing design and development standards, and more.

  3. Parks, Rec & Beautification Commission

    The Parks, Recreation, and Beautification Commission is an advisory board to the City Council.

  4. Parking Advisory Committee

    As Pismo Beach developed and implemented a long-term parking plan it was advantageous to have an officially formed Advisory Body which would advise the City Council on parking-related issues within the city limits. At the February 6, 2007 meeting, the City Council approved the formation of the Parking Advisory Committee.

  5. Advisory Body Application & Vacancies

    Advisory Body Vacancies and Application Forms

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