Advisory Bodies


Advisory Bodies are commissions, committees, and boards consisting of volunteer community members appointed by the City Council to review and make recommendations on matters within a certain purview. These bodies report directly to the City Council and receive support from assigned City staff. 

Advisory Bodies

The City of Pismo Beach has six Advisory Bodies, four of which are legislative bodies, and two of which are non-legislative. Legislative Advisory Bodies hold public meetings that serve as a community forum on the matters assigned to the body, provide feedback to staff on technical matters, and make recommendations to the Council on certain policy issues. Non-legislative Advisory Bodies are not formed by formal action of the City Council, but they consider certain requests from the public and provide feedback to staff on technical matters.

The legislative bodies, as defined by Government Code, are subject to the Brown Act and their members are subject to state-mandated training requirements including ethics and harassment prevention. All bodies are subject to the City's Code of Ethics and portions of the Political Reform Act, and most Members file "Form 700" statements of financial interest. Most bodies have adopted Bylaws, and some are also regulated by City municipal code provisions.

Legislative (Brown Act) Advisory Bodies
PurviewLiaison Staff
Conference & Visitors Bureau / LBID Board (CVBB)
Attraction of tourism; use of LBID fundsCVB
Parking Advisory Committee (PAC)
City parking facility planning and operationsPlanning & Police
Parks, Recreation & Beautification Commission (PRBC)
Recreation facilities; art and beautification programsRecreation
Planning Commission (PC)
Interpretation of land use regulations; development entitlementPlanning

Non-Legislative (Non-Brown Act) Advisory Bodies
PurviewLiaison Staff
Special Events Committee (SEC)Permitting and oversight of privately-sponsored special events on public propertyCVB
Traffic Safety Committee (TSC)Evaluation and implementation of traffic safety measuresEngineering


Most Advisory Bodies consist of Pismo Beach residents; a few have specialized provisions for qualified non-resident members. All Advisory Body members are interviewed and appointed by the entire City Council at Special Meetings that are open to the public.

To apply online, or for more information about Advisory Body membership, eligibility, and the recruitment process, please visit our Advisory Body Membership webpage.