Zoning Code & Overlay Maps

Title 17

Please refer to the Pismo Beach Municipal Code Title 17 for the 1983 Coastal and 1998 Non-Coastal Zoning Codes.

Coastal Zone Boundary

The city maintains both a 1983 Coastal Zone Code and a 1998 Non-Coastal Zone Code. The '83 Coastal Code pertains to the portion of the city located inside the Coastal Zone, while the '98 Non-Coastal Code applies to those portions located outside the Coastal Zone. The Coastal Zone Boundary Map can be viewed to determine which code applies to your property.

Within the Coastal Zone Boundary is a "Coastal Appeal Zone." There are procedures specific to processing an application for development in this area.

Zoning Overlay Maps

Below is a list of the city's Zoning Maps. You can view each map by clicking on the link.