Development Standards


The city's General Plan divides the city into 22 “Neighborhood Planning Areas." The Land Use Element of the General Plan provides policies and direction for each planning area. General plan policies, zoning standards, subdivision map conditions, and specific plan standards all apply to lots within any planning area. To make it easier for citizens to determine what standards apply to specific property, the city has created “Development Standards” worksheets for several of the more active planning areas.

Check with a planner at 805-773-4658 if you are unsure where your property is, if you have questions, or if you need to know the standards for property not within the following areas.

Specific Areas

Planning Area
Development Area
Planning Area A-2 Sunset Palisades (Form being revised)
Planning Area B South Palisades
Planning Area E Saint Andrews Tract (Form being revised)
Planning Area G Terrace Avenue
Planning Area H Shell Beach
Planning Area J Motel District
Planning Area K Commercial Core
Planning Area N-2 Pismo Oaks
Planning Area P Pismo Heights - inside Coastal Zone
Planning Area P Pismo Heights - outside Coastal Zone