General Plan/Local Coastal Plan Update

January 28, 2021 Workshop -1                                  Video Link - Zoom 

Workshop Presentation - General Plan / EIR Scoping Meeting

February 25, 2021 Workshop - 2                               Video Link - Zoom

Workshop Presentation - Zoning Code / Implementation Plan

April 27, 2021 Special Joint General Plan Workshop

 Video Link - Agenda Center (Granicus)

Notice of Preparation - General Plan / LCP Draft EIR 

The City of Pismo Beach is beginning the process to update the City’s General Plan and Local Coastal Plan, as required by California state law. The documents will look toward the future of our community and address issues such as land use, zoning, open space, conservation, safety, noise, parks, and more. The City has contracted with an experienced project team from the firms of DUDEK, Moffatt and Nichol, Rincon Consultants, and Lisa Wise Consulting to assist with producing all the required studies, plans, and ordinances. They will also assist with presentations at the numerous planned workshops, study sessions, and public hearings. Staff and the consultant team will work closely with the Local Coastal Program Advisory Committee throughout the duration of the project and will seek frequent input from the community at large.