Conference & Visitors Bureau Advisory Board


The 5-member Conference & Visitors Bureau Board of Directors serves as an Advisory Board regarding the promotional efforts for Pismo Beach. 


To increase overnight visitorship and visitor expenditures, with emphasis on mid-week and off-season tourism, while establishing Pismo Beach as a preferred California tourist destination thereby enhancing City revenues and improving the quality of life for Pismo Beach residents. 

Duties & Responsibilities 

To review and make recommendations to the City Council concerning the hiring of professional services, contracts, budgets, policies and operating guidelines that relate to the overall CVB work effort, such as:

  • Attracting tourists, tour groups and conference groups to come to Pismo Beach
  • Marketing and advertising Pismo Beach
  • Working with local, county, regional and state organizations to promote Pismo Beach
  • Providing public relations, trade show and marketing services that will effectively promote Pismo Beach tourism for the specific purpose of generating increased transient occupancy and retail sales within the City of Pismo Beach

Board Members

Board MemberTerm ExpiresPhone Email
James Davison
February 2025805-773-7034 (leave message)
David Morneau
Vice Chair
February 2024805-773-7034 (leave message)

Mark RoemerFebruary 2024805-773-7034 (leave message)Email
Forest Key        February 2025805-773-7034 (leave message)Email

Jed BickelFebruary 2025805-773-7034 (leave message)

CVB Board Members have direct experience and a strong professional interest in increasing local business. The CVBB helps shape the Pismo Beach brand and local economy through a focus on the attraction of tourists and visitors to Pismo Beach, achieved through its promotional and public relations efforts to leisure travelers and conference groups. The CVBB also serves as the City's LBID Board. The term of office for all appointments is 2 years. 

Meeting Schedule

Unless otherwise noticed, CVB Board Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 3:00 pm in the Council Chamber, 760 Mattie Road, Pismo Beach. Notices of public meetings and their agendas are available in the Agenda Center and outside the Council Chamber at City Hall.

More Information

Please visit or pick up a Pismo Beach Visitors Guide for complete details on the many wonderful attributes Pismo Beach has to offer including activities, events, lodging, dining and much more. We hope you enjoy your visit and take home wonderful memories of our Classic California beach town!

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