How do I use the Parking Pay Stations?
• Insert Coins or Credit Card/Debit Card. Time may be purchased in 1-hour increments with card(s) and various amounts of time with coins.
• Paid Parking can be bought up to 8 hours maximum and can be pre-purchased before the operating hours of 10:00am to 6:00 pm.
• Once you have decided on the amount of parking time and paid your amount, press the green button and a receipt will be issued to you. This parking receipt needs to be displayed face-up on the right side of your dash to confirm your purchase.

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1. Why is paid parking necessary in the downtown area?
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3. Where are the Parking Pay Stations?
4. How do I use the Parking Pay Stations?
5. What are the hours of operation?
6. What are my parking alternatives?
7. If I have problems, complaints or issues, who can I contact?
8. Does the City offer free metered public parking for “Qualified Veterans”