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The City of Pismo Beach uses a variety of electronic communication and social media tools to engage and collaborate with citizens, as well as to inform them about all the great things our City has to offer. At little to no cost, these tools help the City:

 * Receive feedback and engagement from citizens;
 * Increase awareness, promote transparency and foster collaboration;
 * Learn about community concerns and needs;
 * Discover new ideas and incorporate them into City processes; and
 * Communication to the widest audience possible.

We invite you to connect with the City, connect with each other, and become part of the conversations that build our communities. Whether you want to get the most up-to-date city news, receive email updates, or even share your great ideas, stories, photos.

To access our Digital Engagement Strategy Report for January - June 2015 Policy Initiation CLICK HERE

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We like to keep our community informed on what is going on around the City. You can access our Clam Chronicle online using the link below. We have also released access to previous Clam Chronicle Newspaper publication in the Public Records Portal

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