2012 Junior Lifegaurd of the Year

Hank Adema
California Surf Lifesaving Association 2012 California’s Most Outstanding Junior Lifeguard of the Year
Pismo Beach Junior Lifeguard

Hank has been a participant in the Pismo Beach Junior Lifeguard program for 7 years, working his way through the junior guard divisions. As a Junior Lifeguard Hank proves to hold a balance among all disciplines, never lacking in his physicality or personal demeanor. His enthusiasm and zeal constantly highlight him among his peers, as he endeavors to offer himself for any assignment and perform no matter the task. He is mild and kind, never one to affirm himself as superior to others. Despite his age he shows himself to be honest in self-evaluation, and constantly works hard to improve or correct where he finds place to adjust. Hank is sincere in his willing spirit, maintaining a keen desire to assist others.

Previous Awards Earned
Over the last 7 years Hank has been awarded:
  • “Most Improved Junior Lifeguard” (2006 and 2009)
  • “JG Hammer” (2010)
  • “Most Outstanding ‘AA" (2011)
  • 2012 “Junior Lifeguard of the Year"
Hank Adema 2012
Other Activities
Hank is a senior at San Luis Obispo High School. Hank has a 3.9 GPA, enjoys science and math and hopes to be accepted into Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he will major in Engineering. Hank is a member of the SLO High aquatic team and will be defending his PAC 7 League Championship, for individual 1m-spring diving board, that he earned spring of 2012. He has also spent the last 9 years pursing a black belt in Karate, which he accomplished this past summer. When Hank is not junior lifeguarding, diving, kicking, or sitting in a classroom you’ll be able to find him at Young Life pursing life skills that will enable him to live a rich and fulfilling life.

Future Lifeguard
This year being his last opportunity to participate in our program due to his age, Hank approached our staff with intent to return next year as an Ocean Lifeguard. Even attending early morning physical trainings with senior lifeguards, and independently pursuing needed certifications in order to serve in such a capacity. Excelling in all respects, it is our privilege to nominate Hank Adema as the California Most Outstanding Junior Lifeguard of the year.