California's Most Outstanding Junior Lifeguard

Josh Burke
California Surf Lifesaving Association 2010 California’s Most Outstanding Junior Lifeguard of the Year
Pismo Beach Junior Lifeguard

Bobby Burnside Memorial Award
Pismo Beach Junior Lifeguard Josh Burke was awarded the “Bobby” Burnside Memorial Award for being California’s Most Outstanding Junior Lifeguard of the Year. Josh is a very special young man and admired by all associated with Pismo Beach Junior Lifeguards. He is well respected by his peers but most of all his friendliness, gratitude and kindness which makes him stand out above the rest. Josh is passionate about physical fitness, nutrition and not wasting time.

He regularly uses public transportation traveling between Atascadero and Shell Beach. He also rode his bicycle every single day to and from JG’s, with his surfboard where he surfed in the morning before JG’s and after JG’s (sometimes if the surf was really good he would return for a 3rd session). When with his mother he will run 5 miles a day and complete his cross fit training, all because he can’t surf and wants to stay in tiptop shape.

Great Attitude
Josh has great self-esteem and at a young age has learned to really like who he is. His perpetual smile and positive attitude is contagious and never goes unnoticed. At 14 years of age Josh has learned the aptitude to communicate with adults and shows utmost respect.
Josh Burke 2010
Josh is an accomplished paddle boarder and improved tremendously over our 6-week JG program. Josh participated in the 2010 17th Annual Ken Harmount Pier-to-Pier Paddle (6.5 miles) for the Junior Lifeguard Division.

School & Charity
Outside of JG’s Josh is a 9h grader at Templeton High School earning a 4.2 GPA and plays the saxophone and clarinet for the marching band. He is also a member of the Atascadero Community Band. Josh compassionately donates his time to the following charitable organizations:
  • “Loaves and Fishes” – an organization that gathers and packages food for the needy
  • “2nd Chance for Love” – an animal shelter where Josh cleans out dog pens and walks dogs
  • “North County Humane Society” where Josh socializes cats
  • “Global Alliance for Balance and Healing” – assist with stuffing envelops for mass mailing
  • “Food Coalition Hunger Walk”
Ever Helpful
One specific example where Josh displays qualities in an exemplary manner is after he finished the Pier-to-Pier Paddle (6.5 miles) he proceeded to surf for another 2 hours when he observed a weekend event taking place at the south side of Pismo Beach Pier. The event was the “Ampsurf Operation Restoration” where an organization and volunteers assist disabled amputees to learn how to surf. Josh’s curiosity led him to the event where he asked how he could contribute. He appeared the following morning bright and early to help out with the event. He supported people as they walked to the water, helped as they paddled out, “rescued” them when they dismounted from their boards and was anywhere people needed help. It was a long cold event and Josh was high energy and positive the whole time. After it was all done Josh went out for another surf session.

Great Influence
Josh has impacted the Pismo Beach Junior Lifeguard program by simply contributing. He has proven that Junior Lifeguards isn’t just about showing up for 3 hours and going home. He contributed by showing up every single day with a huge smile, an above normal positive attitude and a loving heart. He is always first in line to achieve any task. By the end of our program he had convinced others to ride their bikes to the beach and surf before JG’s. He was always encouraging to others during competitions and made a point to congratulate his fellow competitors. At the end of our program Josh took the time to graciously write and thank all of the Pismo Beach Junior Lifeguard Instructors for contributing to having the best summer of his life.