Volunteer services are a vital part of the Pismo Beach Police Dept. Volunteers serve in various capacities throughout the department. Graduates of our Citizen Academy are eligible to become members of the Citizen Volunteer Patrol (CVP). CVPs perform tasks such as traffic control, vacation house checks, transportation of court documents, and much more. Currently the Pismo Beach Police Department has 13 volunteers. If you would like more information about the volunteer opportunities that exist within the department, please contact Sergeant Adrian Souza at (805) 773-2208 or asouza@pismobeach.org.

Volunteer Patrol

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1. Location of the Police Department
2. Hours of Operation
3. Alcohol Permit (Service/Sale)
4. Animal Related Issues
5. Carry Concealed Weapons Permit (CCW)
6. Clearance Letters
7. Fingerprinting
8. Fix-it Tickets
9. Request a Copy of a Police Report
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16. Volunteering
17. Camping on Pismo Beach?
18. Campfires on Pismo Beach?
19. Clam Digging on Pismo Beach?
20. Dogs on the Beach?
21. Fishing Permit/Fishing Off the Pismo Beach Pier?
22. Vehicles or Horses on the Beach?
23. Weather at Pismo Beach?