When does the City Council meet?
The regular meeting schedule is the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 5:30 pm. However, these schedules can vary, so you may check with the City Clerk's Office, or access the City’s calendar. City's Calendar

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1. When does the City Council meet?
2. May I address the City Councilmembers at a meeting?
3. Would the City be willing to adopt a proclamation or resolution regarding my issue?
4. How can I submit a concern, question, request, suggestion, etc. to the City?
5. Do the City Councilmembers represent individual districts?
6. Is Pismo Beach a General Law or Charter City?
7. What Political Parties do the City Councilmembers belong to?
8. How do I invite the City Council to an event?
9. How do I schedule a meeting with the City Council?
10. What is the Home Improvement Program and how can I apply?