Who will pay for sea level rise adaptation projects?

While CCC contributes to the Planning aspects of Sea Level Rise, the cost and who pays for adaptation projects is another discussion that will need to occur over the course of developing the LCP. These discussions must consider how to incorporate extensive feedback in order to develop the right equitable approach. Some measures will need to be implemented by private property owners through the land use development process. Other adaptation measures that have community-wide benefits might be funded by the local government. The extent and estimated costs of the adaptation measures will be better understood after a draft report is produced, estimated for early 2020.

As an example of how a California community is financing sea level rise adaptation, 2016, San Francisco Bay voters passed Measure AA with 69% of the vote, to pay for sea level rise adaptation measures through a $12 per year parcel tax over 20 years. In Pismo Beach, we will need to develop our own local financing for adaptation projects.

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