Does the City offer free metered public parking for “Qualified Veterans”
Yes. Per Assembly Bill 190 the City allows free use of metered public parking for “Qualified Veterans” who possess certain issued license plates on the registered owners automobiles.

These qualified veteran license plates include:
*Pearl Harbor Survivors
*Legion of Valor Recipients
*Prisoner of War Veterans
*Congressional Medal of Honor Awardees
*Purple Heart Medal Recipients

This law was enacted by the State as a way of demonstrating continuing appreciation for the sacrifices and contributions made by these special veterans and extended to the surviving spouses of these veterans who continue to display these identified special plates.

NOTE: This bill does NOT include the special issue “Veterans Organizations” issued plates, which any veteran can apply for and receive.

Qualified veterans could park in any parking spot within the City of Pismo Beach Paid Parking area for the complete day without having to pay for parking. Please keep in mind this law is for “metered parking” only, and has no effect on free; but timed locations.
Paid Parking Area Map

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