Contacting the Council

Contact the Council / Submit Public Comment 

The City Council may be contacted as follows:

  • By email at
  • Mail or hand-delivered correspondence:
    City Hall, Administration Offices
    760 Mattie Road
    Pismo Beach, CA 93449
  • Fax: 805-773-7006
  • General Office Phone: 805-773-4657
  • Individual email addresses and phone numbers for each member are provided on their individual webpages, linked in the "Members" section on the City Council webpage.

Agenda Item Comment and Correspondence

Public comment on Council agenda items may be submitted any time before or during the Council's consideration of the item. Providing comment as early as possible is recommended to allow the Council sufficient time to consider the comment before taking action action. 

Before the meeting where the item will be considered, written comment may be submitted by any of the methods listed above. 

During the meeting, oral comment will be invited during a public comment period for each agenda item. During regular meetings, an open public comment period for non-agenda items will also be provided. During the meeting, each speaker will typically be provided 3 minutes to make their comment. Speakers are requested, but not required, to complete a "speaker slip," available by the door to the meeting room, and submit it to staff. Submitting this slip allows the Mayor to call speakers to the lectern, and ensures that names are spelled correctly in the meeting record. 

Written correspondence is accepted during the meeting; providing enough copies for the entire Council and at least one staff member (6 or more copies) is recommended. However, the Council may be unable to give thorough consideration to written comment received during a meeting, prior to taking action.

Commentors may display presentation materials during their comment period; please contact the City Clerk's Office at 805-773-4657 no later than the morning of the meeting to arrange for use of display equipment in the meeting room.

Other Comment and Correspondence

Comment and correspondence on any matter may be delivered to the Council at any time, by any of the methods listed above. Correspondence not relating to a particular agenda item will typically not be posted or distributed online; however it will be placed into the public record (see below).

Public Record

Written correspondence to the City Council is public record, and may be posted and/or distributed online, as part of an agenda packet, or elsewhere. Commentors with specific privacy concerns may wish to consider this when determining the format and content of communications to the Council. 

Additionally, please note that any correspondence sent to or from the City Council, its members, and/or City staff is public record, unless otherwise exempt by law, and may be subject to disclosure pursuant to the Public Records Act or subpoena.