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    Jill McMahon
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Pismo Beach is beginning a goal setting process that will set our course and priorities for the next 2 years and then linking these to the resources needed to achieve them via the 2018-2019 Budget.

As the City prepares to set these goals and the budget for the next two years, we need your opinions and input to help us set direction and priorities! Your feedback is such an important part of the process, the City has developed a Community Outreach Program, Pismo Voice, which will provide multiple opportunities for you to give us your input. Some of the opportunities to give us your priorities are:

-Attend a community workshop on January 7th or 12th. 2017.

-Follow Pismo Beach on social media for updates

-Return the utility bill insert

-Email us: pismovoice@pismobeach.org

-Send us a letter in the mail

-Visit the City's booth at one of the community events

-Return the portion of the Clam Chronicle with your ideas

Community Workshops

Join us at one of our workshops to discuss what you value about Pismo Beach with other community members! 

It's a chance to provide your own input on what you would like the City of focus on over the next 2+ years and also it will allow you to see how your ideas fit in a broader community vision.

Would you like to know some more about our current goals? 
Visit our Goals web page.
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