Pismo Pier and Seawall Rehabilitation

The Pismo pier measures approximately 1,200 feet in overall length and varies in width from approximately 32 feet to more than 182 feet. The pier includes cantilevered fishing decks, four widened diamond pop-outs, and one tapered section. In addition to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, the pier supports electrical utility conduit, water and sewer piping, and a bait shack. 

Shoreline Engineering, Inc. was retained in 2015 to perform a comprehensive structural inspection of the Pismo Beach Pier. The areas located between the second and third diamonds still consist of what was constructed in 1928 and have deteriorated over the years since. The City plans to perform rehabilitation work on portions of the Pier that have exhibited degradation from exposure to the marine environment. Rehabilitation work is expected to be completed in a series of phases. 

In conjunction with the necessary rehabilitation work the City will be reviewing opportunities for new lighting, railing, bait shack locations, seating, public art, and other design elements.

Staff expects plans and specifications to be completed by August 2016 and bids for construction to be received by September 2016. Depending on weather and any damages experienced between now and the project award date, if any, staff expects construction to begin in the fall of 2016.