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The City has officially begun the process of rehabilitating the Pismo Beach Pier. 

On January 17, 2017, Cushman Contracting Corporation was awarded a contract in the amount of $6,462,000. Construction to began without delay on March 15,  2017.

This project involves the temporary relocation of the bait shack and the information kiosk onto the promenade area, while the contractor performs the necessary structural rehabilitation work. Additional improvements include a new electrical system, waterline for fire protection, upgraded lighting, benches, tables and other public amenities. There will be areas for public art and information boards for learning spaces describing the history of the Pier, the surrounding area, and the marine environment. Upon completion, the Pismo Pier will have the look and feel of “Classic California” with a traditional wooden decking and outdoor recreational space. 

As a public safety precaution, public access to the Pier will be closed intermittently during the reconstruction process, however creating opportunities for public access will remain a priority. 

Construction will proceed in a series of phase. The first phase of the project will require a hard closure of the entire Pier at the promenade entrance. The second phase will be a “soft closure” during the Monday through Friday construction work week and then opening a limited portion on the weekends, when possible. Phase three will include opening a portion of the first diamond. The final phase will allow for the opening of additional portions of the pier as work is complete and when it is safe to do so.

The estimated construction cost is $8.8 million, which will be funded by the City through a combination of sources from transit occupancy taxes, sales tax, general fund revenues, and bond proceeds. Work will be performed in a series of phases and is anticipated to be completed by Fall of 2019.

The Pier, in its current location, was originally constructed in 1924. Since that time the Pier has suffered damage during several storms. A partial collapse of the Pier in 1983 prompted the State to reconstruct a portion of it in 1985. Sections of the Pier are more than 90 years old and, in a comprehensive structural inspection performed in 2015, it was recommended that several areas of the of the Pier be rehabilitated. This prompted the City to be proactive and address the Pier issues prior to any structural failures.

The Pier is a popular venue for events and ceremonies for residents and visitors, hosting just under a million visitors a year, and is a symbol of Pismo Beach and its Classic California culture. This project will be part of a series of future projects that will transform the downtown, waterfront, and public parks in Pismo Beach.

Here are some picture of the construction progress...

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