Street Maintenance Project

**The project is scheduled to kick off on December 3rd. Click the links below to view the current schedule of work or the three week look ahead schedule.**

Current Work Schedule

Three Week Look Ahead Schedule

The City is gearing up to start construction of the 2014 Street Maintenance Project, which is
fully funded by Measure C, the ½ Cent Sales Tax. This project will include the resurfacing of Longview Avenue and Merced Street as well as constructing approximately 1,500 feet of new sidewalk on the north side of Longview. Other streets that will be resurfaced include: Coburn, Paddock, Baker, Naomi, Ruby Court, Seacliff, Terrace and Shoreline. Additional streets to be resurfaced include: James Way between Oak Park and Effie, Price Canyon Road, Bettiga Way, Solar Way, and Bello Street south of Price Canyon.

As with all paving projects residents will experience some inconveniences such as: parking restrictions, street closures, dust, noise and occasional odors.  Please check this page frequently for updates. Construction schedules and street closures will be posted here and updated daily.

If you have any questions regarding this project please feel free to call Chad Stoehr in the City’s Engineering Department at 805-779-1201 or email Chad at: