About Current Projects

More information can be found about the major projects currently under construction by clicking the links found in the blue ribbon on the left side of this page.  Below is a full list of current projects. 

Downtown Strategic Plan Implementation
Circulation Element Update
Public Safety Facility Study
Price Historical Park Entrance Signs
Shell Beach Reservoir 1 Replacement 
Bello Bridge Replacement 
Vista Del Mar Sewer Line 
Ocean Blvd Improvement Project 
Cliff Ave Storm Drain Repair 
Price Canyon Slope Repair 
Oxidation Ditch Cleaning
Clarifier Rehabilitation Project 
Shell Beach Manhole Rehabilitation Project
Dinosaur Caves/Price Historical Park Restrooms
2021 Paving Project
City Hall Remodel
Corp Yard Admin Remodel
Park Signs - all except Dinosaur Caves and Price Historical Parks
Pismo Beach Storm Drains
Harloe Lift Station Bluff Protection
Meherin House Improvements
South Promenade Maintenance
St. Jude's Tunnel
Lab Testing Software
Toucan Terrace Trestle Rehab
Inflow and Infiltration
System Improvements Grit Removal
Sewer line Cleaning
Solids Handling Rehab

Information on current bid opportunities and RFPs can be found here.