What’s Ahead for 2015 & Beyond?

Our Vision for Pismo Beach

  • Provide a safe place
  • Maintain its small beach town character
  • Manage growth effectively
  • Enhance a vibrant tourist-based economy, while becoming a world-renowned tourist destination

Major City Goals

  • Water Supply- Develop a program to expand water supplies by upgrading the treatment plant, determining how best to utilize reclaimed 
    wastewater, increasing conservation and pursuing other potential strategies.
  • Downtown Parking and Circulation- Complete an assessment of downtown parking options -- including a parking structure that may 
    incorporate other uses such as retail and housing -- along with related circulation improvements, and begin implementation of the
    approved program.
  • Downtown Revitalization- Complete planning for and begin implementation of Downtown revitalization efforts including such elements as a public plaza, parklets, a sidewalk maintenance program, undergrounding utilities and appropriate land use controls.
  • Shell Beach Streetscape- Implement the Shell Beach streetscape and undergrounding program and consider additional parking options.
  • Re-use of Old City Hall- Evaluate possible uses for the old City Hall and develop a program for implementing the preferred option.
  • Shell Beach Development Standards- Revise development standards in Shell Beach to reduce the size and scale of new residential
     projects and commercial development designed to be more consistent with the current neighborhood and provide adequate parking.

Other Important Objectives 

  •  Chapman House- Develop and implement a plan to increase appropriate use of the Chapman House compatible with the neighborhood,
     including a strategy for its ongoing maintenance and financial sustainability.
  •  Fire Station- Explore funding options and complete a scoping study for a new fire station, and pursue development of the most
     appropriate facility. 
  •  Pismo Preserve- Work with the Land Conservancy to identify and address expected infrastructure and access needs, as well as the
     public safety implications, related to public use of the Pismo Preserve.
  •  Circulation Element Update to General Plan- Update the general plan circulation element to include -- among other goals, policies and
     programs -- long term parking strategies for downtown, Shell Beach and Price Street; replacement of the Bello Street bridge; bicycle and
     pedestrian circulation improvements; and the deletion of the connection road across the Mankins property.