What’s Ahead for 2017 & Beyond?

Following extensive community outreach and engagement, the Council has incorporated the community’s input to set City goals for 2017-19. The Council set 7 major goals at the February 16, 2017, goal setting workshop.

The Major City Goals represent the most important, highest priority goals for the City to accomplish over the next two years, and as such, resources to begin achieving them will be included in the 2017-19 Budget.  

Our Vision for Pismo Beach

  • Provide a safe place
  • Maintain its small beach town character
  • Manage growth effectively
  • Enhance a vibrant tourist-based economy, while becoming a world-renowned tourist destination

Major City Goals

    • Downtown Circulation and Parking.  Continue to implement circulation and parking improvement measures in the downtown area including possible projects such as a parking structure; perimeter parking lots and a trolley; evaluation of the effectiveness of meters; and other strategies to reduce traffic and to encourage a pedestrian environment.
    • Water Supply and Conservation.  Continue work on securing long-term water supplies for the City, including the current groundwater recharge (recycled water) proposal and further implementation of conservation practices.
    • Bello Street Corridor/Old City Hall.  Continue planning and implement strategies for the Bello Street Corridor including the disposition/use of old city hall and public safety facilities, with consideration for historical preservation.
    • Downtown Revitalization and Beautification.  Continue downtown revitalization and beautification efforts including assessing current design standards, appropriate commercial uses, and the number and location of public restrooms on the pier. 
    • Bluff Protection.  Continue the program to address bluff erosion, potentially to include inspections, permitting, prevention measures, funding, and priorities for repairs, including the Ocean Boulevard Accessibility Plan.

Other Important Objectives 

    • Improved Traffic Circulation.  Complete the update of the Circulation Element and begin implementation of highest priority measures; explicitly address possible solutions to Highway 101 congestion, the need for a Price Street-James Way connection and acquisition of Highway 1 from Caltrans to ensure local control.
    • Shell Beach Streetscape. Complete the Shell Beach Streetscape project.